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Screenwriting for Beginners

 HOW TO WRITE A SCRIPT - the UK'S #1 rated Screenwriting Course.

*Featured in Stylist magazine's "Top 12 Dream Courses to Enrol On"*

HOW TO WRITE A SCRIPT - Screenwriting Course for Beginners. Our scriptwriting course for beginners has been designed for creative individuals who possess great ideas for films or TV shows, but don't know where to begin. It delivers a huge amount of information, packed into one very intense day, to participants new to screenwriting.

The course runs monthly, scroll down to view further course dates:

  1. Saturday 31st May 2014 *Available at £156.99 only, book below*
  2. Saturday 28th June 2014 *Available at £156.99 only, book below*
  3. Saturday 26th July 2014 *Available at £156.99 only, book below*


We don't believe in screenwriting degree courses here at Industrial Scripts - they cost thousands of pounds and carry no weight in an industry where the quality of writing IS your CV, and whether you have a degree in screenwriting or not is irrelevant. Over a 4-year period we've devised the following 6-step program which costs less than £300 and will give you the absolute best start to becoming a pro screenwriter:

Becoming a Screenwriter, Our 6-Step Guide!

  1. Book onto our acclaimed 1-day "Screenwriting for Beginners" course. Why? Because we've made all the mistakes you WILL make, we've assessed literally thousands of screenplays professionally, and you'll learn more about the craft of screenwriting and the industry in a day with us than you do in years reading books or trawling the internet.
  2. After the course, buy Final Draft professional screenwriting software for under £140. It'll make your life so much easier, and is the only format of software agents, executives and producers will accept scripts in.
  3. Next, start reading scripts - at least 2 per week. You can download them for free from sites likes IMSDb.
  4. Put together an excel sheet of your very best TV and film ideas as you go along. Keep these ideas to 25 word "loglines".
  5. Ask 5 trusted friends - or hire a script consultant like Industrial Scripts - to look at the ideas and tell you which they think is the strongest and why. If the 5 people agree you'll know which should be your 1st script.
  6. Finally, start writing and pat yourself on the back for having saved yourself thousands of pounds!

Focusing on both the writing process, and the industry writers find work in, the course aims to heavily de-mystify the process by which people become professional screenwriters, and help new writers navigate the sometimes precarious early years of the screenwriter.

Participants are guaranteed to leave with: an improved ability to identify a good concept or idea; a thorough understanding of what producers are looking for; an appreciation of the importance of genre; knowledge of the fees paid to screenwriters and typical industry screenwriting contracts; as well as a host of other information relating to the world of a screenwriter.

In addition, the course also delivers detailed information on the key production companies, distributers, sales agents and funding bodies operating in the UK marketplace, for whom screenwriters are vital.


10am - 1pm
- Introduction: the unique challenges of Screenwriting
- A guide to screenplay format and its importance
- The stages of screenwriting: idea, logline, treatment, screenplay
- Ideas: how to generate them and the importance of having many projects
- Ideas: tactics to avoid channeling energies into the wrong projects
- Which genres are the easiest to break into as a new writer?
- Approaches to structure
- Knowing screenwriting theory, but not being wedded to it

***1 hour break for lunch at 1pm***

1pm - 7pm
- Dialogue: how to develop a phonetic ear for speech
- Creating characters who "leap off the page"
- Show don't tell: writing cinematically
- Overview of the industry: the life, pay and world of the screenwriter
- From draft-to-draft: examining a typical screenwriting deal
- Marketing yourself as a screenwriter in the digital age
- Industry etiquette & how to conduct yourself
- Recommended Reading list
- Q & A
- Informal networking drinks with the course tutor


Our screenwriting course is sometimes held in Industrial Scripts' offices on Newman Street in central London, moments from Goodge Street tube on the Northern Line. It is also held at other central London locations and participants who have booked on the course are informed of the exact course location via email in the days leading up to the event.

The course always runs from Central London.

The course fee is £156.99, and places are strictly limited and participants are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. Networking is firmly encouraged so please bring business cards. Lunch and networking drinks are not included.

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Industrial Scripts is a Verified PayPal seller. To secure your place on the course simply select the course date you which to attend on using the drop-down menu below, click "Add to Cart" and then "Checkout", before following the on-screen instructions to book using any debit or credit card via the secure PayPal link (***note: you do not need to have a PayPal account already in order to book with us***).

Questions? Visit our definitive FAQ page or get in touch.

2014: HOW TO WRITE A SCRIPT course dates, accepting bookings now:

  1. Saturday 25th January 2014 ***SOLD OUT***
  2. Saturday 22nd February 2014 ***SOLD OUT***
  3. Saturday 29th March 2014 ***SOLD OUT***
  4. Saturday 12th April 2014 ***SOLD OUT***
  5. Saturday 31st May 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***
  6. Saturday 28th June 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***
  7. Saturday 26th July 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***
  8. Saturday 23rd August 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***
  9. Saturday 27th September 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***
  10. Saturday 25th October 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***
  11. Saturday 29th November 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***
  12. Saturday 20th December 2014 ***PLACES AVAILABLE***

***4 Cast-Iron Reasons to train with us...***

  1. Our courses have received a remarkable 98.5% positive rating from previous attendees - we like to think these reviews say it all.
  2. Many screenwriting courses are led by people with limited industry credentials, often on the periphery of the business. Ours, are not.
  3. This is one of the very rare UK screenwriting courses led by a CURRENT, industry-trusted script editor presently assessing scripts for the top companies. All courses you read about will claim to be led by "industry professionals", but this one actually is. We are sponsored by Paramount Pictures & The Curtis Brown Group.
  4. Finally - it's a harsh truth for many graduates but the industry pays little attention to degree courses in screenwriting. You can spend 3 years of your life and thousands of pounds on something that will not carry any weight with anyone. It is far smarter and kinder on your wallet to attend short courses, absorb screenwriting theory, read tons of scripts, and WRITE very, very hard. Degrees won't get you work, your writing will...

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