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Talent Connector, Project Placement & Project Tracking Services

In addition to our script feedback and script analysis services Industrial Scripts also offers Project Placement & Tracking Services to individuals, funds and companies.

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Talent Connector ***OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS*** – Read the detailed FAQ here

No industry connections? Struggling to find a way in? Through our Talent Connector service we champion unknown talent. Open only to unrepresented writers and filmmakers, those who sign up for our feedback services*, and whose project receives an “Honourable Mention” verdict (or above) from one of our consultants, are eligible to have their script marketed to an extensive list of industry agents, executives and producers, with our endorsement. This service is FREE OF CHARGE to qualifying scripts, and there are no hidden costs or limitations.

The service originates in America, where freelance project trackers or “brokers” position projects at companies and studios but don’t act as a writer’s agent, in the conventional sense. The service is also a response to the increasing challenges facing new or inexperienced writers, in terms of getting their work read by influential (and very busy) producers, development executives and agents.

The first set of projects were released to the industry on 20th July 2011, and projects have been promoted on a monthly basis thereafter.

Read the detailed FAQ here, or to apply for Talent Connector simply click here.

Project Sourcing

Available to companies, funds and individuals, Industrial Scripts uses its relationships within film development and acquisitions to source projects. So if your fund or production company are looking for a certain type of project, or if you simply want us to help you build a slate of films, then please get in touch with your specific requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Talent Tracking Service

This service is offered to companies and individuals seeking to increase their market intelligence, in order to identify the best writing, directing and producing talent before their competitors. This service is also offered to individuals and companies seeking to find the right person for a particular writing, directing or producing assignment. Fee by negotiation. Click here to contact us about this service.

Video Game Tracking ***NEW***

The video games sector is a huge growth industry, with video games now generating more revenue than movies, and Industrial Scripts believes that as the boundaries between film and gaming blur increasingly, game-to-movie adaptations will prove increasingly valuable to the film industry. So if you’re an independent producer who’s interested in what material (and potential built-in audiences) might be available to you, or a production company who simply want someone out there tracking games to ensure that nothing slips through your grasp, then please get in touch with your specific requirements.

Project/Role Sourcing for Actors

Script consultants are often among the first people in the industry to read scripts, and with this service Industrial Scripts provides actors with the opportunity to learn about great projects and roles long before their competitors. Fee by negotiation, please contact us with your requirements.

* eligible feedback services begin at Service #9, only projects submitted for feedback from Service #10 to Service #17 qualify for Talent Connector. Click here to view the eligible services.

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