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At Industrial Scripts we run high-quality screenwriting courses, filmmaking courses & script reading courses which deliver serious value to participants. Our courses are tailored to suit the requirements of the industry, and are led by professionals with proven track records of success in their own individual area of the business. Our flagship courses are EFFECTIVE SCRIPT READING COURSE FOR TV & FILM, MAKING THE LOW-BUDGET FEATURE FILM and SCREENWRITING FOR BEGINNERS. All our training courses are held in our offices on Newman Street, and we will be launching more training courses soon. Please sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new courses, and simply click on the course titles below for more detailed information on each course or to book your place. _______________________________________________________________________________________________


Europe’s #1 script reading course led by a BFI Film Fund and Universal Pictures script consultant.

Book Now Effective Script Reading for TV and Film This is the first UK script reading course to place equal emphasis on the skills required to find script reading jobs, as well as write quality script analysis. Ideal for those new to the industry looking to build a career in development, sales or distribution, the course is also valuable for screenwriters, producers & directors aiming to develop contacts in the development world and earn an extra revenue stream from script reading. Please click here for full course details. Script reading course dates, accepting bookings now:




31st January SOLD OUT 25th January COMPLETED 28th January COMPLETED
28thFebruary SOLD OUT 16th February COMPLETED 24th February **SOLD OUT**
22nd March SOLD OUT 27th March **REARRANGED** 30th March **SOLD OUT**
25th April SOLD OUT 28th April **SOLD OUT** 28th April COMPLETED
30th May BOOK NOW 31st May **SOLD OUT** 31st May **SOLD OUT**
21st June BOOK NOW 22th June **SOLD OUT** 29th June COMPLETED
25th July BOOK NOW 26th July  COMPLETED 27th July COMPLETED
29th August BOOK NOW 30th August **SOLD OUT** 31st August **SOLD OUT**
20th Sept. BOOK NOW 21st Sept **SOLD OUT** 29th Sept **SOLD OUT**
31st October BOOK NOW 25th October COMPLETED 26th October **SOLD OUT**
28th November BOOK NOW 23rd Nov.  **SOLD OUT** 30th November **SOLD OUT**
19th December BOOK NOW 20th Dec. COMPLETED 21st Dec **SOLD OUT**



Led by a BFI Film Fund and Universal Pictures script consultant.

Book Now Screenwriting For Beginners Training Course Our screenwriting 1-day course has been designed for creative individuals who possess great ideas for films or TV shows, but don’t know where to begin. It delivers a huge amount of information, condensed into one intense day, to participants new to screenwriting, new to writing, or both. Participants are guaranteed to leave with: an improved ability to identify a good concept or idea; a thorough understanding of what producers are looking for; an appreciation of the importance of genre; knowledge of the fees paid to screenwriters and typical industry screenwriting contracts; as well as a host of other information relating to the world of a screenwriter. Please click here for full course details. Course dates, accepting bookings now:

2014    2013 2012
25th January COMPLETED blue_tick 26th January SOLD OUT blue_tick 20th January COMPLETED blue_tick
22nd Feb COMPLETED blue_tick 23rd Feb SOLD OUT blue_tick 17th February COMPLETED blue_tick
29th March COMPLETED blue_tick 28th March COMPLETED blue_tick 23rd March COMPLETED blue_tick
12th April COMPLETED blue_tick 27th April COMPLETED blue_tick 20th April COMPLETED blue_tick
31st May BOOK NOW 25th May REARRANGED   25th May MOVED blue_tick
28th June BOOK NOW 29th June COMPLETED  blue_tick 22nd June SOLD OUT blue_tick
26th July BOOK NOW 27th July COMPLETED blue_tick 20th July SOLD OUT blue_tick
23rd August BOOK NOW 31st August COMPLETED blue_tick 24th August COMPLETED   blue_tick
27th Sept. BOOK NOW 28th Sept. COMPLETED blue_tick 21st Sept. COMPLETED  blue_tick
25th October BOOK NOW 26th October COMPLETED blue_tick 27th October COMPLETED  blue_tick
29th Nov BOOK NOW 30th Nov SOLD OUT blue_tick 24th November  COMPLETED  blue_tick
21st Dec. BOOK NOW 21st Dec.
COMPLETED blue_tick 15th December COMPLETED  blue_tick



EVERYTHING AMERICA - 1 full day – £156.99

Led by a BFI Film Fund and Universal Pictures script consultant.

Book Now Screenwriting For Beginners Training CourseOur “Everything America” course does what it says on the tin: it delivers a vast amount of knowledge and learning to producers, writers and directors about every conceivable area of the US film and TV industry.Our course is aimed at Producers, Writers and Directors with the intention of working in the American film and TV industries, whether remotely (in the case of writers) or actually in the USA itself. The course is suitable both for those new to the industry looking to channel all their energies into a career in the US, and more experienced UK film professionals intending to make the move or begin dividing their time between London and LA. So from Agents to Managers, Attorneys to where to live, “Pilot Season” to Unions, our course literally is: “Everything America”.



26th January COMPLETED 1st September **SOLD OUT**  blue_tick
30th March COMPLETED 27th October COMPLETED  blue_tick
1st June BOOK NOW 14th December COMPLETED  blue_tick
6th July BOOK NOW
28th September BOOK NOW
21st December BOOK NOW



Led by LONDON TO BRIGHTON, THE COTTAGE & CHERRY TREE LANE producer Ken Marshall of Steel Mill Pictures or RESISTANCE, EDEN LAKE, WAKING NED & SHOOTING FISH producer Richard Holmes of Big Rich Films.

Book Now Making The Low Budget Feature Film Training On this 1-day course, participants leave with a highly detailed working knowledge of all areas of micro-budget film production, by producers with leading industry experience in this area (typified by their credits). The day is heavily interactive, and prior to the course participants submit short, embryonic proposals for low budget feature projects they are intending to develop, which they then receive feedback and project-specific advice on during the course workshop at the end of the day. The seminar is specifically candid, intending to arm participants with significant knowledge of all areas of low-budget feature film production, from early development through to ancillary revenue streams. Please note, the course will be led by either Ken Marshall OR Richard Holmes, depending on their shooting schedules. Click here for full course details, and course dates, accepting bookings now:




26th February *SOLD OUT* 20th February COMPLETED   20th June **SOLD OUT**
29th April COMPLETED 6th May **SOLD OUT**   12th September COMPLETED
1st July POSTPONED  X 21st August **SOLD OUT**   24th October COMPLETED
2nd September ON HOLD 18th Sept COMPLETED   5th December **SOLD OUT**
28th October ON HOLD 23rd October **SOLD OUT**  
9th December ON HOLD 27th November COMPLETED  


Courses coming soon…

UK Market Intelligence – 3hr evening course – £40.00 Book Now UK Market Intelligence

“One of the things that amazes me is the industry doesn’t acknowledge DVD gives at least 50% of revenue” (Stewart Till, CEO, Icon UK – from, 21st January 2010). Industrial Scripts agrees, and through close UK market and genre analysis we aim to arm writers and filmmakers with the type of market intelligence usually reserved for distributers and producers. Course dates coming soon…

Neglected Genres – 3hr evening course – £40.00 Book Now Neglected Genres Training Course

In this course, Industrial Scripts aims to encourage writers to begin thinking in terms of genres and sub-genres under-utilised by the UK film industry. Through close reference to individual films from both the UK and abroad we aim to stimulate growth in the areas we feel are currently neglected by British filmmakers. Course dates coming soon..

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